Merle Female American Bully (HATTIESBURG)

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Red street near 42
***Please Read if Seriously Adopting***
I have helped by ensuring that she received her shots but I can't keep her. I preferably don't pick a female dog to keep as my own. I took her in so that she won't have to go to the shelter and I took responsibility to ensure of her health as well. Yes she has had her shots. I have hope in her. She deserves a proper family and to be more interactive. I just don't have the time and anymore money to spend on her. She has a skin condition that some merles have at times. I did my research and have learned that it is curable. As long as she has the right shampoo and special lotion, she will definitely re-grow her hair properly and be just fine. I was told that she is not fixed and is approximately 2 years old. I recognized her from when a friend whom recently passed use to keep her for the house to protect the yard. She was found roaming the streets so I decided to take her in to help as much as I can. She's come a long way. I just want her to have a good home.

Contact me if you're interested. I don't have a high income although I still did the best that I can to help. If anyone want to help her get back to her old self I knew her as when visiting my friend before, in which she has the potential to bounce all the way back, then just contact me for more information.
Located in Hattiesburg, MS
She has to be rehomed ASAP.
I just can't afford.
*I think that she has had pups before*

She will have to go to shelter if she doesn't find a good home. Call or text.

*Small rehoming fee to ensure that she goes to a good home.

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